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The Department of Fundamentals of Radio Engineering (FRED)

The Department is principal education unit. It trains Bachelors of Science (BS) and Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering.

The main area of interests is Radio Engineering. The students study: Circuit Theory, Signal Theory, Generating and Data Processing, Design of radio electronic devices and others.

The description of academic programs, which are offered by FRE, you could find through the following links:

Contact Information

44 Nekrasovsky St., building 'D', office D-110
Taganrog, Russia, 347928
Phone: +7-8634-371632
Email: fed_val@tsure.ru

You should question about study in our university by following phone, fax, email.

The Department of International Cooperations:
Phone: +7-8634-310-598
Fax: +7-8634-310-598
Email: oms(at)pbox(dot)ttn(dot)ru, popov(at)tsure(dot)ru

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